The Network of Accredited Research Centres in Wallonia

The 19 members of Wal-Tech, as Walloon Accredited Research Centres, offer trusted technological and scientific services.

Independent Industrial Research

Some 1,250 researchers and specialist advisers (of whom 900 are based in Walloon and Brussels Regions) create technologically innovative and economically viable solutions for you.

They provide Independent Industrial Research aiming at developing innovative and market-ready technological solutions for groups of companies, for developing their own basic skills, or for companies alone on a contractual basis.


They are active in the fields of:

  • Conception and design;
  • Manufacturing;
  • ICT and electronics
  • Biotechnology;
  • Agro-food and packaging;
  • Life science;
  • Materials and components;
  • Sustainable development.


They provide the following services, fitting the needs of their target group of companies and aiming at providing technological support throughout the life cycle of an innovative idea

  • Feasibility and development study
  • Precompetitive and applied research and development
  • Sensitization to new technologies (discussion group, information session, …)
  • Validation of innovative idea
  • Scientific outsourcing
  • Technology audit and expert advice
  • Transfer and support of company in their technological change
  • Provision of equipment, testing and metrology
  • Training including tailor-made
  • Products/services quality control
  • Regulatory and technology monitoring
  • Perfect mastery of Regional and European public tools to support innovation and research

Serving companies

Wal-Tech members are managed as SME, enabling them to offer quick and efficient services owing to the specialization of their scientists and technicians and to their sophisticated equipment plants, perfectly mastered, from lab to pilot scale. In addition to research projects or technical study, the members of Wal-Tech provide technological monitoring and guidance as well as a large diffusion of their independent research results and services.