Cross-border Collaboration – 2 Recycling/Circular Economy

Cross-border Collaboration | Innovate together I Session 2 | Recycling/Circular Economy


On 08/10/20 from 11:00 am to 11:30 am


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The competitiveness clusters Materalia (FR), MecaTech (BE), Skywin (BE) and the Luxembourg Materials & Manufacturing Cluster by Luxinnovation (LU) are joining forces in order to promote technological collaborations between their members.

The objective is to boost the setting up of R&D projects involving large companies, SMEs and RTOs from our respective ecosystems in the Greater Region.

1/ Introduction to European programmes

  • Horizon Europe, Green Deal – Speaker : Sanna Alaranta (NCP, Luxinnovation)

2/ Testimonials on European on-going collaborations

  • Cairn devices (F) – Our experience with small-scale European funding – Speaker : Valentin Pohu (president)
  • GeMMe (B) PlasPLUS “Recycling of high-quality secondary thermoplastics and critical raw materials coming from mixed WEEE and EoL vehicles – Speaker : Philippe Giaro (Senior research Officer)
  • PREDICT, Groupe SNEF (F) – Predictive Technologies for Industrial Assets Lifecyle Extension – Speaker : Florent Barbier (Business manager)

3/ Pitchs / Call for partners

  • CETIC (B) – IT tools to support adoption of circular economy in companies and within their ecosystem – Speaker: Christophe Ponsard (Research, Innovation Exploitation Coordinateur)
  • Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (L) TO BE CONFIRMED


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