Impact and opportunities of artificial intelligence in the steel industry

This workshop about Impact and opportunities of artifical intelligence in the steel industry will be held online under four sessions in October and November 2020. It is organised by the Focus Group Smart Factory of the European Steel Technology Platform.


From 15/10/20 to 05/11/20 from 11:36 am to 11:36 am



Professionals from the steel industry, and digital industry applied to this sector


Paid per session or for the full cycle

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  • October 15 – Enablers & Barriers: Case Studies - Keynote lecture : Dr Carlos Alba

  • October 22 – Needs of AI & ML on the steel industry  - Keynote lecture : Dr Marcus Neuer

  • October 29 – Implementation of AI & ML - Keynote lecture : Prof Jerkel Delsing

  • November 05 – AI in steel operations

Mathieu Goeminne from CETIC will intervene on October 29 "TSorage: A modern and resilient platform for time series management at scale".