Centexbel is a research center on textiles with a number of applications: clothing (protection and comfort), coatings in which an intelligent layer can be inserted, etc

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Most of the developments are destined for the medical and security industries (e.g., micro-encapsulation integrated into the fibers of smart textiles, insertion of fiber-optics for data transfer, etc.)

Centexbel is also a testing center with a special mannequin (one of three in Europe) that allows us to conduct various tests on our textiles (wear and tear, resistance to perspiration, humidity, heat, etc.). 

Thanks to the expertise in textile shaping (weaving as well as coating), Centebel seeks to develop new textiles with different capabilities such as capturing and transmitting energy and/or information. In order to do this we conduct research projects which aim to integrate photovoltaic elements into textiles. 

Certfication: ISO 17025.


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