CER Groupe

A partner in research, innovation and training which contributes, through its status as an Approved Research Centre in Life Sciences, including biotechnology, veterinary and agriculture, to the technological and economic development of Walloon companies active in these sectors.

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Rue de la Science, 8, 6900 Aye, Belgique



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The CER Groupe is an accredited research centre active in the field of life sciences. With over 40 years' experience, highly qualified staff and modern facilities, it focuses its expertise on agricultural and veterinary sciences, food safety, biotechnology and biomedicine. Today, through its four highly interconnected areas of activity (preclinical, biomanufacturing, diagnostics and agri-development), the CER Groupe offers a comprehensive and innovative range of services and expertise, and works with numerous public (authorities, universities, etc.) and private partners. Various partnerships have led to the creation of several subsidiaries. In addition, CER Groupe holds the highest certifications required in these fields, guaranteeing its partners and customers the best services and products to meet their needs. CER Groupe is a National Reference Laboratory (NRL) in several fields and has numerous certifications and accreditations.


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