Centre d'Excellence en Technologie de l'Information et de la Communication

As an applied research centre in the field of ICT, CETIC’s mission is to support economic development by transferring the results of the most innovative research in ICT to companies, particularly SMEs. CETIC helps companies integrate these technological breakthroughs into their products, processes.

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CETIC's mission is to support regional economic development by transferring the most innovative results of applied research in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to Walloon companies, and SMEs in particular. CETIC helps companies integrate these technological advances more quickly into their new products, processes or services, enabling them to innovate faster, reduce risks and develop new markets. CETIC helps companies to integrate these technological advances more quickly into their new products, processes or services, enabling them to innovate faster, reduce risks and develop new markets.these innovations take shape through cutting-edge expertise, the response to global technical challenges and the development of specific IT tools, all of which can be transferred to Walloon companies active in their respective fields of application.this expertise is constantly reinforced through multiple collaborations at both European and regional level. CETIC focuses its activities on innovation themes designed to meet the technological challenges facing businesses:

  • Cyber-physical systems: systems where computer elements work together to control and command physical entities

  • Cyber Security: the technical resources required and put in place to ensure the security of information systems.

  • Artificial intelligence: the theories and techniques used to create machines capable of simulating intelligence.

  • Edge Computing: an approach that involves processing data at the edge of the network, close to the source of the data, typically between sensors and the processing of the information they generate. CETIC researchers are advancing their expertise in a coordinated way to align results both conceptually and in the development of IT tools, in order to meet these global technical challenges:

  • Model-based engineering, to manage the complexity encountered throughout the lifecycle of software-based systems

  • Model-based distributed systems, to ensure the seamless integration and deployment of software solutions in these distributed architectures

  • Data engineering, aimed at managing all the data available to businesses by means of scalable and evolving data management infrastructures.

  • Data analysis, to transform data into high value-added information.

  • Algorithms and Combinatorial Optimisation, aimed at improving decision-making on complex problems, with high performance.

  • Object Connectivity, enabling the implementation of the Internet of Things, at the heart of transformations in several sectors and areas of application, notably smart-building, industry 4.0 and eHealth.

  • Embedded architectures: to master their capabilities, which have become extremely varied and sophisticated.

  • Digital and co-creation: determining the requirements to be explored as a priority in a digital innovation framework, in order to rapidly identify the right "minimum viable products". Equipment CETIC offers a versatile IT platform for testing and prototyping solutions based on cloud-native infrastructures, data exploitation tools and the Internet of Things.


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