Centre de Recherches de l'Industrie Belge de la Céramique

Our center specializes in ceramics, glass and composites. We have developed expertise in ceramic additive manufacturing (selective laser fusion, binderjetting, etc.) and hybrid manufacturing (laser+machining+AM). These technologies are helping to spread the “industry 4.0” approach throughout our industrial fabric.

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Avenue du Gouverneur Emile Cornez 4, 7000 Mons, Belgique


Centre de Recherches de l'Industrie Belge de la Ceramique

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CRIBC is a collective research organisation created by decree-law in 1948, in application of the de Groote law. It works in synergy with INISMa and INS and is associated with three other research centres in Hainaut active in the fields of the environment, materials and processes (Certech-CTP-Materia Nova). These centres have come together under the umbrella of EMRA (Environment and Materials Research Association). The aim is to develop synergies, share experience and equipment and submit joint research programmes.

CRIBC is ISO 9001 and ISO 17025 certified, as well as VCA certified for its atmospheric emissions measurement activities.

Skills :

  • Materials (solid, coated and porous): technical and functional ceramics, domestic ceramics, shaped and unshaped refractory materials, nanomaterials, cermets, hard materials and composites.

  • Production and consolidation processes: formulation and packaging of raw or secondary materials, shaping (casting, pressing, extrusion, fusion, etc.), rapid (SLS, SLM, etc.) and hybrid manufacturing, coating techniques (dip-coating, laser cladding, etc.), sintering (conventional, SPS, HP, HIP, laser, etc.) and heat treatments (drying, debinding, etc. under various atmospheres).

  • Environment: materials for energy conversion or recovery, atmospheric emissions, etc. Equipment :

  • Alternative, additive and hybrid (additive/subtractive) manufacturing equipment platform

  • Consolidation platform using natural or assisted sintering (HIP, HP, SPS, etc.) and in a controlled atmosphere

  • Platform for mineralogical, structural and microstructural (FIB FE-SEM), thermal and thermomechanical characterisation, etc. shared with INISMa

  • Platform for characterising atmospheric pollution at emission, shared with INISMa


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