MULTITEL is a Belgian technological innovation center specialized in applied research and development for business. Multitel works in five areas of R&D: Applied photonics, Networks and Telecoms, Signal Processing and Embedded Systems, Machine Vision, and Railway Certification.

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Rue Pierre Et Marie Curie 2, 7000 Mons, Belgique



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Recognized as a Competency Center at the international level, Multitel develops and integrates emerging technologies into the industrial fabric.Multitel is a research and innovation center in:

  • Applied phototonic

  • IT networks

  • Signal and image processing

  • Railway certification


Multitel is experienced in laser machining of thin-film solar cells (CdTe, CIGS) and organic solar cells. 

Multitel is certified ISO 9001: 2008.

Multitel is a partner in the following research projects:

  • IMPROV (STREP FP7-ICT-2010-257894), working with organic solar cells

  • ALPINE ( IP FP7-NMP-2008-229231), contributing to the development of laser sources for machining applications on solar cells.


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