Sil’Innov, specialist in new silicon-based molecules

Sil’Innov, specialist in new silicon-based molecules

Company: Working in close collaboration with Eytelia, the leading manufacturer of silicon-based products, Sil’Innov specializes in the innovation and development of new silicon-based molecules for nutraceutical and cosmetic applications.

Need: to develop a process for the production of silicon-based molecules allowing the solubilization and the controlled and targeted release of active ingredients.

RTO action: As part of a CWALITY project, Certech has developed a patented atomization process to produce mesoporous silicas starting from a naturally occurring surfactant. An industrial reactor was designed, based on laboratory tests and the industrial process validated. On the basis of this study, Mesoporosil® (trademark registered by Eytelia) was developed and this ingredient offers, in different formulations, a mesoporous silica having an increased quantity of bioavailable silicon under the form of orthosilicic acid once ingested. Since the 1970s, it has been known that silicon deficiency leads to an abnormal shape of bones and cartilage tissue. These two problems are compensated by a soluble silicon supplementation (Carlisle 1980, Calomme 1997).

Industrial benefits: These new ingredients are formulated in different products of the INNOVASIL® and SILXPERT® ranges marketed by the company Eytelia. Today, the first “solid” versions of a highly soluble, absorbable and bioavailable source of silicon are available on the market.

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Working in strong collaboration with Eytelia, manufacturer of Silicon based products (food supplements, cosmetics and topical gels), Sil’Innov specializes in research of new Silicium based molecules and clinical studies to demonstrate the benefits of Silicium for human and animal health.

Rue de Liege 2, 6180 Courcelles, Belgique

Last updated: 14 January 2024

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