Empowering People with Parkinson’s disease

Empowering People with Parkinson’s disease

Company : Active in e-health, Neuropath is developing a platform focused on patients with Parkinson’s disease to capture, analyze and report health data generated during their daily activities.

Problem : In order to listen to the patient, Neuropath proposes an individualized approach, which aims to connect patients living with Parkinson’s disease to their care team and to improve their care pathway for a better quality of life.

Research Center Action : Among the data of interest repatriated on Neuropath platform, motor functions of patients represent a prominent part. To capture and analyze these data, Neuropath collaborated with Multitel, which has a recognized expertise in artificial intelligence. The main purpose of the “Technical Support” carried out by Multitel was thus to define the best solution(s) for passive motion capture (hardware and software) appropriate for the application targeted by Neuropath.
Based on the latest developments in deep learning algorithms for human motion monitoring and an assessment of sensors such as RGB-D cameras, an objective evaluation procedure has been set up to establish the best couples cameras-algorithms compared to an active solution (example below).

Industrial benefits : The performed tasks demonstrated the feasibility of capturing movements of Parkinsonian patients using an automatic and contactless vision solution.
The service also made it possible to define the capture solutions (software and hardware) suitable for deployment at the patient’s home or at the therapist’s.
Besides these last solutions will be developed by Multitel over the next three years as part of the Neuroinsights project, coordinated by Neuropath, supported by the Biowin competitivity cluster and funded by the Walloon Region under the Marshall Plan framework.

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Multitel is a Belgian technological innovation center specialized in applied research and development for business. Multitel works in five areas of R&D: Applied photonics, Networks and Telecoms, Signal Processing and Embedded Systems, Machine Vision, and Railway Certification.

Rue Pierre Et Marie Curie 2, 7000 Mons, Belgique

Last updated: 29 May 2024

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Neuropath has developed a digital platform to connect the daily life of the Parkinson's patient with the interdisciplinary team of care providers, using intelligent, non-intrusive technologies (motion capture, voice analysis, wearables, artificial intelligence) to collect data and detect disease progression.

Rue Jean Burgers 2, 7850 Edingen, Belgique

Last updated: 9 February 2024

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